Becoming a Fitpreneur

Do you remember Johnny Jump Ups? The swing that you placed between the door jambs so a young tot could bounce energetically away in a safe space. My mom relied on this thing because you see I was quite the daredevil in my youth. I climbed furniture without a care in the world, and reportedly had an enormous amount of energy to expend in a given day. This was quite the stark contrast to my brother, who mom said fell asleep once in a plate of mashed potatoes. No, seriously. Like in the plate of mashed potatoes.

Starting a business requires an enormous amount of energy.  But it takes far more than energy, and this is a skill, a development of character I needed to learn to start this business, and keep it going for you. We in fitness have no problems with energy. We have spurts of it. I mean we do burpees and box jumps for fun.  Where it gets tricky is patience. Are you a marathon runner, or a sprinter? Do you like HIIT or a slow burn that lasts an hour? Do you seek variety and do the same things all the time without changing? To grow in your fitness business, you must know yourself, know your limitations and weaknesses, and constantly be working on them. You must finish the project you start, because that is the key to health and fitness for our clients. It’s to keep on going.

Women who raise the bar-credit

Recently, I wrote an article for the Association of Fitness Studios about the key factors necessary to cultivate a growing business. I hope it will inspire each and every one of you to pursue more for yourself in the world of fitness. As great as coaching can be, there is more to your fitness genius than the time you spend with clients. Pursue a business for yourself that allows you to flourish, and never give up.

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