BEWARE: Stay Safe and In Compliance Fit Pros!

It’s no secret COVID-19 dramatically changed how we operate as fitness professionals. We were forced to learn how to virtually train our clients through videoconferencing platforms, amidst many other changes. According to an interview by Denise Imbesi, CEO of Muscle Mixes Music, rules and regulations for use of music for live streaming were initially lifted in light of the COVID pandemic. Many licensed programs also announced temporary licenses for non-public streaming platforms. However, don’t get too comfortable. It is important that whatever you are doing online, that you pay close attention to whose property it is and check and recheck limitations, rules and regulations associated with these licenses.

Some questions to ask yourself as you are live streaming your classes.

  1. What music are you using? Are you allowed to use it for live streaming? Are you allowed to record it? Although there has been some temporary lifting of regulations, note that best choice for music will always be royalty free music when streaming or recording online, as you have the rights to use it after you purchase it, now and forever. If you purchase your music through Muscle Mixes Music with intent for the FitSwop platform now through August 1, 2020, you may use that for recorded classes and live streaming through the FitSwop platform now and forever. Now that is a deal and in compliance.
  2. Are you live streaming classes for licensed programs? When COVID began, many of these programs granted a temporary license to live stream your classes in certain places such as Zoom. However, all these regulations were different, and many of these licensed programs are seeking solutions within their own platform for live streaming and recorded classes. FitSwop was always intended to be a place where you teach your original class content and provide original resources that are yours, NOT someone else’s’. We URGE you to check and re-check the programs rules and regulations during this COVID pandemic, and understand you are liable under your own shops for what you post/teach, especially because these streaming options are taking place off of the FitSwop platform (on the videoconferencing software of your choices, such as Zoom. Please be smart about it, and up to date with the rules of the program during this pandemic.

At FitSwop, we want to support you during this time, but we are also highly supportive of those individuals who have a license for their hard work. We back all fit pros, the musicians who supply the music, and the individual teaching the classes. Have questions? Reach out here. Let’s support each other during this difficult time.