What Music Can I Use Online? Why Using Popular Music Could Lead to Trouble Online…

Let’s take a look visually, shall we? Sometimes this topic feels as clear as mud. So, in a nutshell, royalty free music is safe to use anywhere, anytime because the company you buy it from has full rights of it. However, popular music is not owned by the company you purchase it from (i.e. Spotify […]

Seller Spotlight: Kristopher Kory of Korlates Fitness

Having a conversation with Kristopher Kory reminded me what FitSwop is all about. Kris has been in the industry for over 35 years, and is an infectious caring person with a lot of knowledge in between his ears. I love this picture, a perfect example of how it all began for Kris in this industry. […]

Help Yourself, Help Your Fellow Fit Pro, and Help Us Grow this Marketplace: One Surefire Way to Make Passive Income as a Fit Pro

Marketplaces work because a lot of like-minded people come together in one place. Care.com grew because caregivers all joined, TeachesPayTeachers grew when a lot of teachers signed up, and you know Amazon would not be big without its multitude of sellers. Likewise, FitSwop will grow as we grow this place. Why grow this place? We […]

BEWARE: Stay Safe and In Compliance Fit Pros!

It’s no secret COVID-19 dramatically changed how we operate as fitness professionals. We were forced to learn how to virtually train our clients through videoconferencing platforms, amidst many other changes. According to an interview by Denise Imbesi, CEO of Muscle Mixes Music, rules and regulations for use of music for live streaming were initially lifted […]