Christine Conti Tells Us to KFG

The KFG campaign reminds of us of Dory from Finding Nemo grasping her friend’s fin and singing “just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.” The K stands for “Keep” and the G for “Going.” I will let you fill in the middle word. It’s a reminder that no matter what we are faced with in this life, we must keep keepin’ on. Considering Christine’s most recent Ironman Triathlon was riddled with jellyfish stings, she earns the title of Dory.

Christine Conti is the owner of FitCrazieWorkouts on FitSwop. Her story is an amazing one. Christine has some amazing credentials that make her one fantastic fit pro. She is an AFAA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with over 14 certifications under her belt. She is an international fitness trainer and presenter, a former master trainer of PLYOGA, and the current regional manager of Orangetheory Fitness area director. She is the creator of the Let’s Face It Together (™) facial rehabilitative exercise program, CEO of Conti Fitness and Wellness, a Revo2Lution Running Coach, and Ironman competitor. She is a co-host of the Two Fit Crazies podcast.

What makes Christine so amazing in the world of fitness is not just her credentials, but her story. Christine has Rhuematoid Arthritis. RA is a painful and degenerative disease. Reading her story, I know she must have the absolute ability to inspire anyone to move, based on her own issues with movement herself. Christine has the special sauce of empathy. She knows what it’s like to have difficulty with movement, as many of our clients do. She knows what it’s like to feel hindered by your circumstances. She has gone from teacher to fitness professional, from being diagnosed with a condition known for its pain with mobility to competing in Ironman triathlons and running over 30 marathons.

Christine has online yoga programs, her own trademarked facial rehabilitation program, personal training workouts and even physical goods on her site. She is a fitness Rockstar in her corner of the world. However, Christine does not have the marketing budget that large conglomerates have. Her programs have proven effective with her clients and have been tried and tested in the field, but she does not have a team of people promoting her programs.

Now, FitSwop assists personal trainers, instructors, and other health/fitness professionals to share inspiration and resources with each other to help people, all while increasing your revenue as a fit pro.

You can find Christine by her storefront at FitCrazies on Visit her website at Support Christine and inspire yourself. Check out her programs here. And KFG.