Tag a Trainer: LaMarr Magnus

When I was initially virtually introduced to LaMarr, I was amazed at his genuine nature instantly, even detectable by email. You see, not many people respond to an initial introduction via email message saying “Stephanie-It is truly a pleasure to meet you.”

Have you ever written that, especially since meeting someone over email? Kind words are one thing, but I believed he truly meant it. We could all use a dose of authentic kindness at times. LaMarr is one of the people that has taught me (and I am still learning), that conversations should be treated as two individuals taking an interest in each other, even when happening over email. That is where connections are made, and we miss connectivity in the digital age.

LaMarr Magnus teaches for city college in Chicago

LaMarr has recently published his book entitled Form and Technique. This is not about proper hip hinging for a squat. The book is about mastering your ability to create a successful business and career in fitness by learning effective communication skills, establishing rapport, true sales tactics, and learning the foundation skills necessary to connect to people and what they really need for behavior change. I am reading a little of this book each night, and am finding many of his techniques valuable no matter what form of business you are in. One of LaMarr’s key points was “people don’t care so much what you know as how much you care.” If I would have began my career coaching with care instead of solely the pressure to know it all, I would have been a much more effective coach to the clients I was working with.

A wonderful conversation. I learned where he teaches, and what he teaches (LaMarr is a college professor in Chicago, teaching both NCCA approved personal training certifications at the junior college level but also teaches to Exercise Science student pursuing four year degrees). I learned about his beliefs and goals for the industry, his goals for himself, and we made a plan to get his courses digital for you fitness professionals out there needing a wealth of knowledge from LaMarr. I cannot emphasize enough what we can learn from each other. I don’t live in Chicago, and I don’t attend a university anymore. However, with the help of LaMarr, I will still be able to keep on learning.

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