How to Turn Your Live Zoom Stream Into a Passive Income Product

Today’s world is an interesting time. Around the world, fitness professionals are hitting play and recording themselves in front of an audience. Is your class, seminar, coaching session, or otherwise valuable? Is there a lot for you to offer? I urge you to consider recording what you are broadcasting.

FitSwop began because the founder and CEO was a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who knew all too well how hard it was make a decent living in this profession. Although some people do it well, many don’t and the burnout rate for trainers was 80% last year according to Club Industry’s 2019 report. Thankfully, for group fitness instructors, the burnout rate is a bit less, but many suspect it is because most GFI’s do it as a side job. They do it for the “love of it.” FitSwop wanted to create a new way online where fitness professionals could make money doing what they love, by sharing their ideas for fitness and health content with other fit pros and the world. Stephanie also believed those who had created great content for fit pros also deserved a space where they could reach more people with their hard working product, without having to pay thousands of dollars for a booth or a marketing budget that could not possible compete with conglomerates in the industry.

Stephanie (the founder) began looking at other industries to find the answer, and here was what she found. Other industries had marketplaces that allowed anyone to get their service or product out there. How could individual house rentals compete with the hotel industry? AirBnB. How could individual teachers sell their educational resources. How could those who made handmade goods sell their products? Etsy. How could individuals sell their used items in a yard sale online? Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. Marketplaces allow individual’s or small businesses the opportunity to reach more people and give people the opportunity to start their own business easily and less expensively.

At the time of this writing, COVID quarantine is among us and the world of fitness is going to video content. Here are the steps to creating a product from what you are already doing (i.e. creating your own classes and videos):

  1. Press record when you stream that next class, coaching session, or otherwise, as long as it is your content. Never record someone else’s content.
  2. Use royalty free music for the one class you are going to record if you are doing small group training or classes. Denise Imbesi of Muscle Mixes Music, among others, is selling their license free music right now for $20. You guys, this is usually $250+. Beachbody, when they were selling choreography for workouts, were paying that much per song. This is seriously discounted right now, and you should take advantage of it. Buying one regardless allows you to always have it and be able to use it freely in any video you produce. Gold going away for the price of pennies. Check out the 40+albums out there here.
  3. Here has information regarding how to have a disclaimer for your video. Sara Cooperman of SCW stated in a recent webinar that we should all be stating disclaimers or posting disclaimers on the videos regardless of whether they are free or not. FitSwop allows the ability to also post policies on your shop. A lot of people are streaming and recording without this, but I strongly suggest you have it and protect yourself, recording or not. Legal counsel and insurance is always advised if you are streaming content or recording it.
  4. Create the written content to go with your video. If it’s choreography, it’s a PDF of the moves. Schedule a free consult here to get the help you need with content creation for a product. If it’s a coaching session or webinar, create a power point with the key points and ideas. Think outside the box and know there are a lot of ideas between those ears of yours!
  5. (Suggestion if your content is small group training or a class.) Want to pair it with music? We have great deals on redistributing music as part of your package. Want people to pick their own music, or offer simply a suggested playlist? You can do that too.
  6. Want to offer some content for free? You can do that too. We suggest having one item on your shop that is free, and some paid. Free content is great too!
  7. Open a shop. Register for free here. Sign up as a basic seller and you will receive premium membership for free once you upload that first product (which we help you do every step of the way). What does premium membership get you? A higher commission rate (80% commission on every product sold), no annual dues for a year (after they will be less than $100/year), highlights on your shop and products in newsletters, ability to contribute content to blog and social media feeds (giving you more shop spotlights), and more.

Our team is here to help you do it. We are offering free phone and Zoom consultations to get people started, because we want fit pros to get online and create more passive streams of revenue, all while sharing their great ideas with other fit pros out there. There is no better time than now to create something great for yourself and others in the fitness space.

Two steps to do it.

  1. Reach out.
  2. Set up Shop.