Help Yourself, Help Your Fellow Fit Pro, and Help Us Grow this Marketplace: One Surefire Way to Make Passive Income as a Fit Pro

Marketplaces work because a lot of like-minded people come together in one place. grew because caregivers all joined, TeachesPayTeachers grew when a lot of teachers signed up, and you know Amazon would not be big without its multitude of sellers. Likewise, FitSwop will grow as we grow this place. Why grow this place?

  1. We are better together, and together we will attract more buyers.
  2. We are on a mission for our fit pros who open shop to take home the majority of the pay, and retain their own intellectual property.

You can help us grow. Help other fit pros open a shop online. Help yourself earn some extra cash for an entire year. Refer a fit pro, and you earn 5% commission on all sales of that fit pro for an entire year from the date they register as a seller. Simply log onto your store manager, scroll down the left hand side, and click “become an affiliate.” We will get in touch with you for next steps!

See that “Become Affiliate” on left hand side? Click it!!!

Let’s help get more fit pros in the online space. If there is anything this global pandemic has taught us, it is that making a stream of income online is key to thriving in today’s world. We at FitSwop want to help you do it.