How to Create a Virtual Live Event on

We are in the business of getting you online now and later. We have been working around the clock with a great team to get you going on listing virtual events within your shops. For now, this may be to simply sell your live virtual trainings and classes to your participants or clients. Later, it may be for webinars and such as well. Watch the video above and trust that we are here for you, securing a place where this can all take place under one shop. Check out our FAQs, and look under seller questions to even be able to copy and paste sample verbiage for you to edit. We want to help you every step of the way. When the world suddenly changes, FitSwop will help our sellers get back on their feet.

  • Add new product.
  • Click virtual (not downloadable for ticket event)
  • Establish as event at bottom and enter in details.
  • Attach video conference meeting details from Zoom.
  • Preview and submit for publish (see example below).

Ready to get started? Register your shop if you haven’t already and let’s get this thing going. Upload a product and get your first year premium membership for free.