How To Get Your Course CEC Approved

Although getting Continuing Education Credits (CEC) approval is not required for a product to be on FitSwop’s platform, we want to help you get the information you need if this is of interest to you! Read on to get the scoop of offering CECs for your courses or not.

Getting your courses ACE approved (or by other providers such as AFAA/NASM) gives your fit pros an extra incentive to buy from you. When they purchase a course that is CEC approved, they know that it has met a certain set of credentials and standards for CEC approval. However, ACE is looking for specific types of content for approval. That is, learning to handle equipment a certain way, work with a specific population of people, or specific techniques would be example topics of an ACE approved course. That 60-minute killer workout you crafted and have been teaching for several years? Great content for someone looking for ideas for class, but not necessarily what ACE considers CEC worthy. Notice how all CEC approved courses for pre-choreography help you earn CEC’s by attending their first workshop, not for the content they push out thereafter (class designs and music).

So, it depends on your goal and what you want to provide to your fit pro customer. CEC approved courses tend to be a little more up front (although not always) because you are getting those continuing education credits out of it in addition to excellent educational information. If you are posting content that is not specifically for CEC credits, but still valuable tricks and tips for classes or clients, plan to price accordingly.

If getting your content CEC approved is a goal of yours, check out this website for some good tips and tricks to get started.

Final trick. Word to the wise. Wait until the new year to approve your course for CEC credits. If you submit in November or December and it is approved, then you will just have to repay for the calendar year come January. Unless you have an upcoming conference or otherwise that makes it worthwhile, save yourself a few bucks and submit for approval as close to the first of the year as possible.

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