10 Stories of Strong Living: True Fitness Begins in Your Heart


When you read this book and glean its top themes and lessons, the following 5 things will happen for you:

1. You will strengthen your BELIEF in yourself. With all the champions and entrepreneurs I work with, so much of success is between the ears. I often tell my clients and athletes to “get your mind right.” In this book, you will not only learn about the importance of mindset, but you will strengthen your own mindset and beliefs also.

2. You will use fear to propel you, not paralyze you. Fear is a real emotion that everyone experiences. Instead of having fear rob you of your dreams and destiny, you want to use fear as a motivator to accomplish the things you desire.
If you have fear in your life, run AT the fear, not FROM the fear. You will learn that with time, effort, persistence, and dedication your fear will soon be triumphed.
Remember, “Fear, frustration, and failure are overcome with faith, fortitude, forward-thinking, and follow-through.” Thank you, Wayne Cotton.

3. You will dream bigger than ever before. Dreams stir your emotions
and fuel your passion. The life stories, lessons, and wisdom shared in this book will certainly help motivate and inspire you to dream big and keep grinding.

4. You will be inspired to have more grit, determination, and heart than ever before.
It’s important to dream and have a great vision of what you want out of life. But it’s even more important to match your dream with a tenacious work ethic, mental toughness in the face of adversity, and the grit necessary to overcome any challenge or obstacle that you may face.

5. Your mind, body, and soul will be STRONGER, and you will be ready to share your message and “voice.” If your body is not strong, you can’t function at your best. If your mind is weak, there is no possible way you can tap into the mindset necessary to build what you want. If your spirit is not singing, you can’t soar in the stratosphere like you desire.

The words, stories, and lessons in this book will help you develop the STRENGTH necessary to optimize your full personal and professional potential, develop your voice, and spread your message and purpose.

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