50+ Workouts: Barre, Balletone, Cardio Yoga

$89.00 $37.00

For one price you can join my private Facebook community, and gain unlimited, lifetime access to all of my wellness content which currently includes 50+ archived workouts and 1-2 live classes per week.

No subscription; no annual renewal.

Exercise formats currently include: Barre Above, Balletone, Cardio Dance, and Cardio Yoga. My private community also includes tips on nutrition, mindset and other relevant wellness topics. (No special equipment is required to participate in classes.)

Why should you choose little ‘ol me, Bluebird Barre & Wellness?

Here’s the thing…the world of fitness is overwhelming, especially now with so many of us doing our workouts at-home, right? Who do you choose? Which site do bookmark? Is it better to find free classes or paid classes? Fitswop makes it easy to shop, and I’m (hopefully) making it easy for you to buy.

Won’t it be nice to have one fitness site to visit – instead of, like, 100?

The best part? You’ll have one full week from the time of purchase to check out my classes. If you are not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back! Sound good?

Feel free to email me with questions: [email protected] (Check out my bio in the full description below)

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