Fuel Your Soul: Transform Your Body


People who want to lose weight and get fit naturally tend to focus on physical change – how they’ll look better. What they rarely realize going in is how much almost every aspect of their lives will transform. The physical benefits of consistent exercise and supportive nutrition are significant, but the emotional changes – the growth in confidence, outlook and attitude – are nothing short of awesome.

Fuel Your Soul, Transform Your Body chronicles dozens of these amazing stories about real people who changed not just their bodies, but their lives, through fitness. These stories are the fuel that uplifts, inspires, educates and affirms everyone who has struggled to change, and hasn’t let that dream die. We all need motivation, inspiration and direction.

This book gives it to you in small, daily doses that keep you moving forward towards your goal. Almost every person in every story in this book tried and failed at least once before breaking through. Their stories show you how they did it, and how you can do it too.

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