TABATA YOGA with Jeff Howard – Virtual Fitness

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Due to the current pandemic of CoVid-19 that is sweeping our country, gyms are closing and fitness professionals are left without a class to teach live. Therefore fit pros are quickly moving to teaching classes virtually. As a result we’ve decided to greatly reduce the licensing rates for our royalty-free music for you during this time. Music on this page is available to you to use as follows: Rights: • Video streaming and downloads for social media videos such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. • Live streaming on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, Skype, etc… • License Term: Perpetuity & Non-exclusive [Cannot be used on DVDs or Video-on-Demand service]
We are so excited to collaborate with master trainer, Jeff Howard to bring you this beautiful music to complement his unique program: Tabata Yoga.  

 Tabata Yoga with Jeff Howard  


  is a powerful combination of mind-body connection and fitness intensity.  The Tabata format utilizes an alternating work and rest period structure in a sequence of eight repetitions.  The work period is 20 seconds and the rest period is 10 seconds.  Within the Yoga classroom, Tabata poses are held for intervals of 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  The repetition brings class members to nirvana!  

One warm up and 13  

rhythmic, instrumental

  tracks that will inspire and motivate your classes to take their practice to the next level. 

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