Tao-Yin Yoga- Neck and Shoulders


Tao -Yin yoga means energy directing. Whether you are a student of yoga, or a teacher of yoga, these instructional videos are appropriate for all levels of students interested in learning the fundamentals of how to manage stress by increasing one’s awareness of the body.  Each video of instruction emphasizes how to direct ones mind inward to discover and accept our own body where it is at in the moment.
Every journey inward is viewed as an assessment of the body.  By increasing awareness of where each individual holds stress in the body, individuals learn how to let go of tension and open constricted blood vessel; creating space for an overall feeling of well being.


A series of postures target and engage deep muscles from a variety of angles. 

Once the series is completed one will experience a sense of spaciousness and relief from pain and
tension in the neck, shoulders, wrist and fingertips.  Regular repetition keeps the area open reducing headaches and improving circulation throughout the upper body.

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