Seller Spotlight: Deanna Proach of OneStepFitness

When FitSwop began, the vision was simple. To elevate this profession. Not only did we seek to improve their income via online commerce in a marketplace setting, but we set out as fitness professionals ourselves to create a space where we raise each other up and help each other excel. The spreading of ideas, the learning from each other and seeking each other for fitness as well as helping to facilitate fitness and health to everyone. Read on to learn more about Deanna.

Deanna Proach of OneStepFitness

Hello, my name is Deanna Proach, owner and founder of One Step Fitness (  I’m an ACE certified group fitness instructor.

I recently created Fitness Express with the intention of offering a mini fitness program for those busy people who otherwise don’t have time to do an hour workout 2-3 times per week.  I also created it for people who live in small spaces and don’t have much room to move around (perfect amidst these times of being at home).

As great as it is to have the opportunity to create my own workout programs and sell them here on FitSwop, I have to admit that I am really looking forward to getting back to where I started: teaching fitness classes at a gym.

My two cents:

We all want to lose weight, tone up, eat healthier and pursue a
lifestyle that’s more enjoyable, fulfilling and less stressful,  But
it’s often much easier said than done.  Why?  Because we don’t set clear
goals for ourselves, we get caught up in a lifestyle that’s not
conducive to our overall well being, or we let other people discourage
us from pursuing our dreams.

Here’s the good news: No goal, however big, is out of your reach. 
Though, we all need a little help and encouragement along the way.  The
goal of One Step Fitness is to help you break through those emotional
barriers that are holding you back, achieve your fitness goals and
become the best version of you.  Step by step.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination!

Published by FitSwop, written by Deanna Proach