Seller Spotlight: Kristopher Kory of Korlates Fitness

Having a conversation with Kristopher Kory reminded me what FitSwop is all about. Kris has been in the industry for over 35 years, and is an infectious caring person with a lot of knowledge in between his ears. I love this picture, a perfect example of how it all began for Kris in this industry.

Now, he is seen more often doing this.

Kris has a beautiful studio in Connecticut, what he coins his “bread and butter:” He teaches his classes solely, because his participants are so fond of him (that is what it is all about with our clients, right? The connectivity and the ability to use our soft skills as great coaches to encourage them to make changes in their lives). I am sure Kris looks forward to the day he can reopen this amazing studio to the clientele who are so fond of it. For now, they meet on Zoom (as we all do).

Kris is an exceptional Pilates instructor and is known for his catchy phrase “begin with the ability you have today.” Be inspired by his classes, learn a few moves, and take some time to be a student yourself.

Check out Kris’ store and his great workout products here.