The Best Piece of Advice From Some of the Greatest Leaders

The Impact and Influence event took place at Club Industry last month. Being fortunate enough to receive an invite for this event, it felt important to share some good words and vibes regarding this amazing event that helped aspiring fitness writers and speakers get the how to’s to start publishing and speaking in the fitness industry. Want one of the greatest tidbits of advice they offered? Read on…

This fantastic event was hosted by Greg Justice of Scriptor Publishing Group, Lindsay Vastola of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine, and Lisa Simone-Richards, a public relations and visibility strategist. These are three industry leaders who work in fields that are intimidating to many of us (book publishing, public speaking for fitness conventions, and PR, eek!). It was refreshing to be in a room of people and know we all put our pants on the same way, right? That is, we are all human. Social media influencers, published authors, studio owners, and start up founders all in the same room to troubleshoot our current hold ups and get written action plans for the next steps.

I am reminded of Rachel Hollis during this day at Impact and Influence. You see, Rachel’s pitch at the beginning of her podcast is that she built a multi-million-dollar company with a high school degree and Google. Hollis may sound puffed up to some in her statement, but what she is trying to say is that with the right mindset, anyone can do it. Rather than come from a place of “I did it and you didn’t,” Hollis is screaming “YES YOU CAN” from the mountaintops.  

If you want to know how to do something, and you want to do it, you simply research and persist with it to get it done. Want to content write? Start a blog and submit your content (Amanda Vogel has some great tips here). Want to publish that book? Greg started Scriptor Publishing Group with you in mind. Want to start selling your content online? Check out FitSwop’s new platform that gets you a shop of your own. There are ways to “impact and influence” this industry, both in and out of the gym. Aspire to be one of the providers for CEC’s at SCW Fitness. Find out how to get your content certified with ACE. Just keep swimming, and you will succeed. Ask for advice from people who have done it, and heed that advice.

Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Big Magic states, “Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” Need more inspiration to find your next stage in your fitness career? Read on how we are all feeling at one point, and what we do to get past it.

“Let me list for you some of the many ways in which you might be afraid to live a more creative life: You’re afraid you have no talent. You’re afraid you’ll be rejected or criticized or ridiculed or misunderstood or—worst of all—ignored. You’re afraid there’s no market for your creativity, and therefore no point in pursuing it. You’re afraid somebody else already did it better. You’re afraid everybody else already did it better. You’re afraid somebody will steal your ideas, so it’s safer to keep them hidden forever in the dark. You’re afraid you won’t be taken seriously. You’re afraid your work isn’t politically, emotionally, or artistically important enough to change anyone’s life. You’re afraid your dreams are embarrassing. You’re afraid that someday you’ll look back on your creative endeavors as having been a giant waste of time, effort, and money. You’re afraid you don’t have the right kind of discipline. You’re afraid you don’t have the right kind of work space, or financial freedom, or empty hours in which to focus on invention or exploration. You’re afraid you don’t have the right kind of training or degree. You’re afraid you’re too fat. (I don’t know what this has to do with creativity, exactly, but experience has taught me that most of us are afraid we’re too fat, so let’s just put that on the anxiety list, for good measure.) You’re afraid of being exposed as a hack, or a fool, or a dilettante, or a narcissist. You’re afraid of upsetting your family with what you may reveal. You’re afraid of what your peers and coworkers will say if you express your personal truth aloud. You’re afraid of unleashing your innermost demons, and you really don’t want to encounter your innermost demons. You’re afraid your best work is behind you. You’re afraid you never had any best work to begin with. You’re afraid you neglected your creativity for so long that now you can never get it back. You’re afraid you’re too old to start. You’re afraid you’re too young to start. You’re afraid because something went well in your life once, so obviously nothing can ever go well again. You’re afraid because nothing has ever gone well in your life, so why bother trying? You’re afraid of being a one-hit wonder. You’re afraid of being a no-hit wonder”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Well, that about covers it.

Everyone dedicated belongs here in the fitness community. Those who continually seek to learn make great content writers, speakers, and creators in the world of fitness. Before attending this event, I think most of us there were hesitant that we belonged there in a group of people set out to content write and/or speak at conferences. However, the tools given to us were plenty and the take home was one: you are good enough to do any of these things. You can share your wealth of knowledge with the world. The best advice? The take home of the day? “Think you are a (content writer, publisher, speaker) and you will be.” We all have the capacity to excel in this fitness industry, but we have to be proactive in doing it.