The Best Way to Learn as a Group Fitness Instructor

These days there are so many places to get information for fitness. The number of websites, YouTube videos, Pinterest threads, and Facebook groups are many, to the point that it can seem overwhelming on where to even go.  You can pay for choreography, or you can DIY with a little more planning. There are even becoming apps for that, and a digital platform to sell your fitness classes and content to other fit pros. The options are plenty.

I recall stepping back into a Tabata style class in my old gym after having moved away for six years. I took a class from a wonderful instructor, who I was pleased to find still taught after all these years. As I stepped back into her class though, I recall thinking how little had changed in the six years she had been teaching. She was still doing the same warm up, the same drills, and even using some of the same music she had been using for eons. Although I can appreciate life gets busy, and that staying the same is easier than making a change, I couldn’t help but feeling a little turned off from the workout considering how little was different six years later.

Research has shown that adding variety to an exercise program doesn’t only improve adherence, it enhances the results as we are changing the demands on our muscular and cardiovascular systems. Although there are individual differences (some love the same thing over and over), most of us need change in order to stick with something. We need things to stay interesting. I venture to say this is beneficial not only for our participants, but for us as instructors too. Learning new moves and getting fresh ideas keeps our head in the game, and keeps us interested in teaching, am I right?

This is why we attend fantastic conventions and conferences, but I believe we can also spruce up our fitness closer to home.

Taking pictures at a local group fitness class I was not teaching but taking!

Amidst all of the many ways there are to get new fresh ideas, I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest the most simple most fundamental way to get new ideas is simply attending other instructor’s classes. Supporting each other is a healthy way to get fresh ideas. Plus, attending a class allows you to get ideas in a more well-rounded way. You can view something on YouTube, or you can participate in a live class, being actively engaged (tapping into both kinesthetic, visual, and auditory means of learning).  I seek to attend someone else’s class at least once a month. I have tried to vary where I go occasionally, to even get out of my niche of a market where I teach (the first class is almost always free). Supporting another instructor is the best way to get new fitness ideas. At the end of the day, two heads are always better than one.

Need more than just a little inspiration? Check out done for you workout routines by your fellow fit pros here. Support a community of growing fitness professionals looking to share their own content, or better yet, become a part of it by signing up to sell your own. I am happy to chat with you and show you how. Reach out at [email protected]

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