Tips for Structuring a Live Class or Small Group Training

Tech. I must admit, as a fitness creative and not necessarily a logistical thinker, tech initially had me feeling like this:

Not to worry. We got you. Read on to get some great tips for a class, and even better, consider attending one for examples from fellow fitness pros who have learned the ropes of virtual classes.

When it is time to start the class, it is good to spend the first few minutes greeting and saying hello (just like you normally would!). However, virtual requires a little extra “how-to” for your clients. Check in with everyone but be sure to go over those “housekeeping rules.” Here is some simple dialogue for the beginning of class for those of you doing virtual trainings (compliments of seller Janis Saffell!).

  1. “Hi everyone, thanks for coming today. When it is time to start class, make sure you ‘pin me’ by clicking the three dots on the top right-hand side of my screen. That way you see me and not everyone during class.” Note: YOU don’t pin because YOU want to see everyone. They pin you so they only see you.
  2. “Note that once we begin class, I am going to ‘lock the meeting.’  That means that if you exit, you cannot re-enter. This is for security purposes. If you need to use the restroom or step away, simply do so and do not feel you have to X out your screen.”
  3. “Once we begin class, I am going to mute you so that your noise isn’t competing with my noise. During class, we will use visual hand signs so I can know that you are doing okay. Simple thumbs or thumbs down will suffice.”

So how, do we do all those things we said above? This toolbar is the key to many of the functionalities. The tab below that says “Security” and “Manage Participants” shows you where these functionalities are.

Clicking on “security” allows you to lock the meeting once you are ready to get started. Clicking on “manage participants” allows you to “mute all” when you are ready to start class and unmute before and after class to allow everyone to interact.

Once you have participants muted and your meeting is locked, proceed the workout like you were training in the studio or gym! Interaction is key here, occasionally looking into your participants and checking form if able, using their names (you will see their names at the bottom of their screens!) and providing all the feedback that makes a virtual class so dynamic as compared to a recorded version. I found this aspect of the class I took from Janis Saffell electric; she was able to fully engage with her participants once she cued them and got them going with the exercise. I felt connected to her in her home!

After the class cool down, be sure to unmute and check in with everyone. Remind them when your next class is and what you are offering! Sending a follow up email and a link to your shop with highlights for next week’s class schedule, with what they need to bring. Then you can simply end the meeting. Need to see how it’s done? Join Janis Saffell for her classes and take a class from her this week! Not only will you get a GREAT engaged workout in, you will get a perfect example of how to conduct a class using Zoom.