Tips of the Trade: Going Virtual with Fitness Classes

When master trainer Janis Saffell sends me emojis with the head exploding, I know this virtual fitness class thing must be a learning curve. Why? I find Janis to be one of the smartest, most business saavy, proactive fit pros I know, and even she is frustrated by all that virtual training entails (why isn’t my mic working, what software should I use, how do I get my voice to where it is not competing with my music, why is there a lag, etc.). This is frustrating for most of us.

We at FitSwop are creating a community of fit pros. We began this before COVID-19, with a mission to help fit pros make an ancillary stream of revenue online like the rest of the world, using a marketplace design like so many industries have done (hello AirBnB, Ebay,, Amazon, Etsy, TpT, SermonCentral, Fiverr, Upwork, and on and on). In the midst of this recent crisis, we have been called to help fit pros get set up with virtual trainings in the most cost effective, supportive way. #bettertogether. Together, in a community of fit pros who each own their own shops, with no overhead.

We have been holding webinars to help fit pros get going with those online classes and virtual trainings. Here are some tidbits from our growing community of fit pros, all here to help each other thrive in the online space.

  1. Why does my Zoom tend to lag? The best remedy for this is a hardwired Ethernet cord plugged directly into the router. If the computer is not hardwired, you are much more likely to experience this lag. Make sure to get the right length of cord you need! (Suggestion courtesy of Janis Saffell).
  2. Why Zoom versus Facebook Live? Facebook Live can definitely work, but does not allow you to interact with your class like Zoom does. There are alternatives to Zoom (such as Vimeo Live Stream) but they do tend to be more cost intensive. Some people have had difficulty as well with Facebook taking down classes.
  3. Are there other options to my laptop/IPAD? You can get a HDMI cable and hook this up to your Smart TV to be able to really see you participants best if your home/space allows!
  4. Why should I create a pre-recorded class? Pre-recorded classes allow you to continue to sell a video past the time that you create it (not trading dollars for hours). You create it once and continue to sell it. Plus, now through August 1, 2020, Muscle Mixes is allowing any of their royalty free music to be used for pre-recorded videos on FitSwop forever on the platform. But, you must purchase before August 1, 2020! Check it out here.
  5. How do I get the best audio settings on Zoom? Check out this YouTube video below, that has been a big help to many of our sellers with their virtual trainings, especially those using music for small group trainings and classes.

Have anything to add, or need some more assistance? Let us know! Reach out at [email protected].