We All Belong on the First Fitness ECommerce Marketplace

Two years ago, I was receiving my content to my inbox for my newest PiYo round workout. It was like Christmas getting new choreography, and despite knowing I didn’t need it, I wanted it. New music, new moves, and all with little guess work, because let’s face it, with two young kids in tow and another job on top of my fitness job, I just didn’t have time. Plus, we fitness professionals have a passion for fitness, am I right? I will always pay for fitness creativity because fitness is my love.

I wanted to do fitness more full time, but I was a frustrated fitness professional, a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, doing it on the side of my full-time job. You see, many who want to do fitness don’t realize there are a lot of options outside of working in a gym. I started to ask the right questions while looking to other industries for guidance.

What did I find? Ecommerce…

Websites where teachers sold educational resources to each other. Marketplaces where people could open their own shops and sell their handmade crafted goods on a larger scale. Freelance service websites and even a place where pastors exchange sermons.

It is high time to bring this concept to fitness, an Ecommerce marketplace where trainers, brand owners, and other fitness professionals could brand their content (whether it be training programs, choreography for group fitness classes, books, and informatics for clients, etc.) and sell it to other fit pros needing some inspiration. So, the idea evolved.

I connected my idea and love of fitness to my husband’s knack for technical skills, and FitSwop was born. I am now giving the power of branding to all the fitness professionals out there, creating an additional stream of revenue for your business, and creating partnerships to help those in need of fitness resources to find you and/your expertise.

What do YOU bring to the fitness space?

What’s in a resource? The idea is evolving from a simple one to ever expanding. Our prospective shop owners have ranged from authors who have published books about personal training and emotional intelligence, to coaches offering courses for fitness businesses, to instructors and trainers wanting to sell their programs or class ideas. A call from a fitness aquatics consultant opened up a new shop idea I had never thought of. Point is, as long as you are an accredited fitness professional and/or fitness business, you belong on a central marketplace where you can be found with more ease. Take it from Etsy, Ebay, and all of the other Ecommerce sites out there, coming together creates an ease of shopping for your prospective clients (fitness pros), and drives more business to you.

The best part? You own your shop. You manage your own space. I spotlight you in our content, getting your word out and helping you be more successful in your business.

The content and resources available by each perspective shop owner is as individualized as the shop owner themselves. As this platform is amidst of it’s first growth spurt, I look forward to knowing what you bring to the fitness space. There are so many ways to create revenue in the fitness industry, and this is not simply by means of selling a workout band, opening a studio, or working as a trainer (although all excellent options). The possibilities are endless, and if we are to succeed on creating a central platform for you to be, I believe you should be in ownership of your shop and the content you put up. Reach out to us here, to talk to us about how we can increase business for you today.

I look forward to teaming up with you to spread our love of fitness.

In Spreading Fitness,


Founder and CEO FitSwop.com