What Content Should I Make?

We hope as a fitness pro you are ready to get online. We hope you have realized you have a lot to offer, expertise from your classes, programs, and education to offer us all. Whether you wish to create a course, a choreographed class, or a session program , we are glad you have begun to consider the possibilities of sharing ideas while creating a living for yourself in the world of ecommerce. We did some digging on the latest trends in fitness programming, including attending the Club Industry Show 2019 in Chicago this past week. Here are the numbers as they stand today:

The top ten programs and services offered in the fitness industry as of this posting are as follows:

1. Personal Training
2. Bodyweight Resistance Training
3. Free Weight Training
4. Boot Camp Classes
5. Functional Resistance Training
7. Cycle
8. Senior Fitness
9. Prechoreographed
10. Traditional Yoga

Have any experience teaching these formats? Help a fit pro out. By digitizing your content, you can open shop and sell that program to a fit pro in need of some fresh ideas for classes. Need inspiration for how to do it? Take a look at the HIIT workout here. All you need to drop and go teach a great Tabata inspired workout, complete with the full workout plus sheets to tape up to the walls and music available as part of the bundle for just $5.99 extra. If you need help with it, reach out to [email protected] for help with the formatting to create your own! We are here for you and can’t wait to spotlight your programs.

While the first table reflected the most popular programs and services consumers are purchasing, the following is the topics most interesting to the fitness professional attending SCW Mania (keep in mind these conferences are 80% women according to recent statistics, so keep this in mind):

Topics that Interest Fitness Professionals Most from SCW Mania Polls:

1.Functional Training 57.7%
2. Strength Training 51.90%
3.Active Aging 50.36%
4. Nutrition 49.50%
5. Exercise Science 47.2%
6. Personal Training 39%
7. Bootcamp/HIIT 38.15%
8. Group Cardio 37.20%
9. Small Group Training 35.64%
10. Sculpting/Toning 31.37%
11. Yoga 28.41%
12. Cycling 27.85%
13. Barre 24.48%
14. Sports Conditioning
15. Pilates 22.66%
16. Leadership/Management 21.06%
17. Aquatic Ex 19.8%
18. KettleWeights 19.44%
19. Dance 18.22%
20. Kickboxing 16.20%

An interesting topic regarding seniors programming and active aging: By the year 2030, the number of individuals 65 years and older will reach 70 million in the USA alone. Those 85 years and older will be the fastest growing segment of our population. Many topics and content could be created for fitness programming for active aging.

The takeaway: There are a lot of topics out there to create content for. Your experience and times spent in the trenches working with different populations, teaching different formats, and working with different clients matters. There is much out there to be shared. The hardest part is getting started if you have not already created your online programming. It does take some time and effort to make it work. The good news is that if you’ve been teaching or coaching awhile, you probably have stacks of workouts and binders full of class workouts, fitness programming, and otherwise. You are already halfway there. Need help? We are here for you. Visit www.fitswop.com or reach out to us at [email protected].


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