What It Means To Sell Your Own Content: The New Version of Fit Pro

Prior to the boom of the internet, things were different in the ways of making money. Being born into one financial class meant you more than likely stayed in that financial class. There were always the outliers, but it was harder to shift before technology came into play.

I recently posed the question to a specialist in digital technology. He has over twenty years’ experience in IT, and his role is to accelerate growth of companies utilizing ever evolving technology. When asked what the greatest blessing of the internet has been, he did not say the ability to Google a question, the ease of access or the ability to stream a television program anywhere, anytime. He said the biggest blessing of the internet was that it widened the middle class. What he meant by that is that it allowed a larger amount of people to make a more stable income. An interesting perspective, isn’t it? That for sure is not what I would have originally thought of as the biggest blessing of technology. But, sure enough when I thought about it, I understood. It gave anybody the ability to become a publisher, an author, sell content, or build their own business from the comfort of their own home. It gave people the ability to work anywhere, anytime, and reach a much wider audience than they could have imagined. Is it all easy? No. Is it possible? More than ever.

Once upon a time, workout DVD’s were only sold by certain people in certain places, who had access to makeup crews, the best lighting, and photographers, etc. I bet they fasted all day today, eating only fruit and lemon water while they recorded.

Nowadays, the virtual world has thrust us into real time, real people, and more so it is leaning towards unfiltered, and unairbrushed. Sure, there will always be the posts that look edited. Yet, our clients want us as we are, here to motivate them to be healthier. They do not need nor do they want fake or unachievable. They need you as you are.

Content no longer needs all the bells and whistles to be original, authentic, and professional. Logos and creativity have never been more accessible for cheaper, (or even free!) and anyone can do it with the right determination and gusto. There are plenty of ways to make supplemental income, from webinars, workshops, and classes for other fit pros, to virtual classes, challenges, and downloadable videos for your clients. We help you avoid the overhead and get out there with all the technical assistance you need, you just put what’s between your ears out there and get your creative juices flowing.

This world needs fitness professionals to keep booming and make more money for themselves. Our goal at FitSwop is for you to make great content, and always for most of the profit, and all the ownership to go to you. Open your own shop on a central marketplace today. Make it yours. Get the help you need to get online.

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