What Music Can I Use Online? Why Using Popular Music Could Lead to Trouble Online…

Let’s take a look visually, shall we? Sometimes this topic feels as clear as mud.

So, in a nutshell, royalty free music is safe to use anywhere, anytime because the company you buy it from has full rights of it. However, popular music is not owned by the company you purchase it from (i.e. Spotify does not own the rights to Rhianna’s music). So, to purchase from Itunes and use it for commercial use (i.e. your job in fitness), you are using it illegally.

I had a chat with a representative from BMI last year, and they stated they have “bots” they use to scope out illegal use of music on the internet. Therefore, in all honesty, you have a better chance getting away with it in your small local studio than you do online. Online they can use technology to find people using it illegally. Have questions? Happy to help. Contact us for the discount code to get Muscle Mixes Royalty Free Music (over 40 titles) for 20% OFF the already reduced prices! This won’t last long!