What You Do Has Value: 3 Ways to Market Like a Genius

Free. Free free free free. Remember that commerical? Everyone loves the idea of free, and for quite some time, many fitness businesses have given away so much for free to get people in the door.

These days the coin seems two sided. Some people give it away to lure in the customer, while others continue to give away for free because they : A. undermine their value and/or B. feel bad charging. We are here to tell you to stop it. Quit it. Don’t go there. Whew (glad that’s out). Now, read on you.

Your energy, your enthusiasm, your creativity in your health plans and your workouts is electric to people that are loyal to you. They need accountability, and that is why they come to you when they could google workout at home and get billions of hits (no seriously, billions). There are countless options out there for someone to hit play. They come to you for accountability, the personal touch you add to their workout, and the connection they have to you. What would increase their accountability to getting healthier and getting in shape: you charging for your services. If I pay for something, I am all in. If I don’t, well, I won’t. It’s a mistake we have all made (myself included).

Three solid tips for marketing like a genius, and charging for your services.

  1. Offer one thing for free to start. That’s right, one. Uno. Solo. Single. It’s okay to give something, but it doesn’t have to be a full class even. It could be a teaser, an article or other content. Something that gives them a taste of you and what you offer.
  2. Consider a BOGO (buy one get one) offer. How about giving them something if they purchase something? Win-win.
  3. Get creative. Packages are a great way for your audience to get something at a discounted price by paying up front. Create a product that is a group of this month’s packages as opposed to a sole class. Discount it so that if they buy the month, they get each class at a cheaper rate.
Coaches. Teachers. Instructors. Trainers. We are all coaches by different trades and always paid for our services.

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