Why FitSwop?

Who are we?

We began as a team of two. One knows technology. The other knows fitness. Together we created something where everyone wins. An e-commerce platform, a digital space where any fit pro can own a shop, and everyone can be inspired.

What we can do by putting our heads together?

Inspiration in fitness is what we need. A place where any fitness professional can come and buy programs by fitness professionals for fitness professionals. The digital products will be as varied as the fit pro. Everything you need to teach a class, start a new client, or get new fresh ideas will be right at your fingertips. The best part? This content is created by someone just like you, not just anyone out there on the internet. Fit pros paying fit pros for fresh new ideas. Now, that is collaboration.

Why not just my own website?

  1. More traffic. The internet boom has resulted in an ever-ticking growth of websites, and consolidated marketplaces have emerged as a result to solve this problem. Put simply, single websites can get lost in the craze of health and fitness websites.
  2. More credibility. Since websites began multiplying (and the advent of YouTube), anyone can be a “fitness consultant.” It’s encouraging to see the world change so much, and for anyone to be able to make a living online. However, there have been pitfalls for those truly credentialed. It can be hard to identify those credentialed to give fitness advice versus those who are simply good marketers.
  3. Multiple streams of income. Etsy, Amazon, and other e-commerce sites have found traffic is driven where information and products can be found in one place for the consumer. This means your website may drive some traffic, but more can be found on these consolidated marketplaces. Similar to reason #1, but it bears repeating.
  4. A supportive construct. This is a place built on the foundation of community and trust. We are an allied network of fitness professionals, creating our own storefronts, and we are trusted knowing that only credentialed fitness professionals can set up shop here. As a buyer, you know what and who you are purchasing from. You are supporting fitness professionals like you for your content and inspiration. Now that is inspiring.

Our solution?

Keep your own website. Of course! You worked hard at it. But open up shop on FitSwop also with your prices the same as your site (to keep it fair), and watch as we spotlight you on feeds, advertise what you have got, and bring more traffic to you.  Having someone else in your corner is always a good thing.

Don’t have a website to start?

No problem! FitSwop takes out the necessity of having a website. No expenses needed off the platform, unless you want them. Some vendors have their own brands established. Others are simply vendors selling products direct on FitSwop. If you are a credentialed fitness professional, you are welcome here.

Reach out for more info! We are here to answer your questions and help in any way. Visit www.fitswop.com to sign up for your free membership, or ask a question at [email protected].