Why True Value Comes with a Price

It’s January in the gym. Classes are full, trainers are booked solid, and people are buying healthy food to stock their fridges with. Our focus is on being better.

In the gym I work in, a personal trainer friend of mine teaches both the Tabata group exercise class as a fill in, and the small group trainings at the studio. Mind you, these classes look the same. The difference is what you pay for. One of these is a part of your gym membership (the group exercise class) and one is an additional fee on top of your group exercise class (the small group training). The value people put on these is very different although she teaches the same class. In this situation, the fact is that people value her small group trainings more because they cost more. She puts a price on them, and people pay it for two reasons: 1. Accountability for themselves (they paid more, they will go) and 2. Value begets value. The more you put a price on something, the more value it has.

Does this mean nothing is ever a rip off? No. Some people put value on products that are not well thought out, planned, and treated with care. However, if you put thought, plan, and care into a plan and then give it away, you are cheating yourself and lending the purchaser to believe it is cheaper than it is.

Napoleon Hill stated in his classic book Think and Grow Rich that “human beings only value that which has a price.” Have you found you have not respected or followed through on things you didn’t have to pay for? We put more value into what we pay for, because it represents the thought and expertise of the person we are buying from. This exchange of money for expertise is of immense worth. Value elevates our professions and makes being a fitness professional a more optimal career choice. Let’s put value on all that we do.